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missmjfells [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
i, got so many roles.. I dont know who im suppose to be*

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(no subject) [Jul. 30th, 2006|11:43 pm]
[mood |giddygiddy]

IM LEAVINg ohhhhhhhhhh no .. are you gonna miss me? awww commON I know you will ;)
 yupp nEw brunswic tommrow till wednesday.. so no new updates in my nice journall.. !
Today.. ugh me and my mother steam cleaned all the carpets.. my room is a mess .. everythings all over my bed and i NEED sleep.. concederin i was asleep for the past hour or 2 down chewies.. im still like half asleep.. HRMMM .. tonight i went to my boyfriends house .. YAYAYAYAY CHEWWIEEEEE ! umm , we watched some movie about a guy who sees fat girls as skinny girls.. shallow hal er somethin GREAT ! and then i got mandy to come get me.. hrm nothing really to update on..  I NEEED A CARRRRRR .... thats what ! i need a car.. i didnt even drive sence my road test! lol UGHHHHHHHH nicoles car is broke.. but she still drives it ! meanyyyyyyyy
ANYWASE, . nationaLs start thursdayyyyyyy ! wooohoo.. the only reason i brought that up was cuz johnny macleod just signed in.. and that was his name.. the opening ceremony is at 7:00 and the game is at 8 .. maratimes vs. somebody else i dunnno who.. but anywase, im gonna go throw everything off my bed and sleep because i need sleeep !.
and I LOVE chewie :) forever and ever and ever and ever and ever..
but i love you too! LOL
                                                         .. eheh
           2 yeARS 7 moNTHS bitches :P
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newww ! [Jul. 30th, 2006|12:42 am]
[Current Location |mY rooom *]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |cape breton capebreton - messiah]

megan has a live journallL ! woohoo, something for me to do when im bored.. & for yous too read .. ! hrmm 
well summer 06 is pretty goood havIn a ball, havin some problems but what the hellll .. everybody got problems.. as for being bored, hardly ever.. my chewbears always there & my girls.. always something to doo.. tonight i went to the board walk, bartown days is pretty good.. if i was back in grade 8 tho, haha it be deadly.. 12 year olds everywhereeeeeeee ... big fight tonight.. sydney mines takes all of corse haha, * i dunno  i love northsydney people too.. but it was between SM & NS so .. yeh iim going away monday to newbrunswic with Judy josh & laurenn hrm should be ok.. :S wooooh- well im just sittin here in this messsy messy room.. listen to some KSK hahahahhahaha well messiah.. cape breton capebreton .. aw shes catchyy*  & im talkin to steff & jordann .. pretty bored.. aNYWASE.! this is entry #1 and ill prolly be addin shit tonight.. reads and stufff.. cuz i dont really like piczoo!
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