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well today was gooooood . ! uMM yup, woke up early went for a tan at… - missmjfells [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
i, got so many roles.. I dont know who im suppose to be*

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[Aug. 4th, 2006|11:52 pm]
[Current Location |my rooooooom]
[mood |lovedloved]

well today was gooooood . ! uMM yup, woke up early went for a tan at 1130 ! aH umm then went to chewies bright & early he was up thoo ! lol*
we had a very goood day.. picked blueberries for his aunt glendaaaaa.. then we walked to ebbies and ate i had hot wingsssss and he had a club housee.. and it was disgusting and i only ate like 4 wings and 2 fries and he ate half of his sandwich.... im gonna have to get Lee to tell the manager ahaha.. the girl cook is shit man ! .. wow.. i just thought about what i am writing in here.. im sure its wicked i ate hotwings and chewies had a club house..
WELL me and chew went on a little picture mission today & got lots of cute picssss.. ill post em on my site laterrr if i ever get a chanceeeeeee... ah ummmmm
i dunnnO what else to post about my exciting life.. oh me and chewie went for a walk and listened to the baseball game all the way from rateau st we could hear it .. UMMMMMMM .. i forgot to mention my little sister went and got her belly button peirced and had it done sence before christmas and mom dont know.. but i found outttttt !!!!!!1 eheheheh she thinks ill tell but i really wont.. cuz mom will snap.. so im just gonna go get mine done lol.
ahhhhhhh i doubt it tho. but today i was jokin around and said i was gonna tell on her and she took me serious.. she went and bought liquid bandade and put it over the holes then went and bought new compact and put it over it ahhaahah you couldnt even tell it was pierced lol but when i came in i told her i was only jokin.. oh my .. what a nice life i have.. this is a wicked live journal..
anywase; drop a comment ya know ya know lol

iLOVEchewiiie :)